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Workshop List
Voice as percussion, rhythm and harmony.
Volunteers deliver a mini-gig for everyone – come and show us what you do!
Why we need Women Only spaces, sisterhood and Community building
Herstory of Magic Menstruation (make your own pad).
Gratitude for what my body can do, showcase diversity in popular female musicians
Be your own best friend, listening to yourself and others
Dress up/make up wildness!
Tees, badges, posters, banners, etc
Song structure, etc
Find your people/start a band/press kit/put on a gig – DIY & its alternatives.
Maybe including Punk/Disco Aerobics/Dance Party - being silly and loosening up - volunteers taking part??
Finding YOUR voice
In the past we have run Electronic Music, Improv and Soundtracking workshops in this slot!
Saturday 6th July
Sunday 7th July
Monday 8th July
Tuesday 9th July
Wednesday 10th July
Thursday 11th July
Friday 12th July
Saturday 13th July
Sunday 14th July