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Please fill in the form below. Let us know your availability for the summer and why you would like to volunteer with us. Volunteering at Girls Rock is fun but also requires a certain level of commitment and dedication so that the girls get the best out of the week.

The rock school will take place Saturday 6th - Sunday 14th July.

We require volunteers to be available for training before the week starts. You don't have to be free for the full nine days of the rock school, but the more time you can commit the better. Girls Rock Glasgow relies on our amazing volunteers every year to run and we appreciate any time you're able to give. 

We're looking for female-identifying / non-binary feminists aged 17+ to volunteer.

Volunteers will receive £15 a day expenses.

Applications will close on May 15th


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You must be 17 or over to volunteer
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Please include any experience you have working with 8-16 year olds, and any experience in music, art, feminism and wellbeing (such as mindfulness, consent, body positivity)
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The rock school runs from the Saturday 6th - Sun 14th July, when we have our showcase gig. You don't have to be there everyday but we like to provide a strong connection between the volunteers and the girls, so that they are supported consistently and their confidence grows.
Drums Bass Guitar Keyboards Music Tech Song Writing Singing Stage Craft/Movement Art - Zines/Merchandise/Banner Making/Costumes/Warpaint Mindfulness Period Power Consent Herstory in Music LGBT Yoga Self Defense Creating a band/community/industry Other - please add your ideas: